Killers Lodge - Unnecessary 1

Killers Lodge's have taken their likes of heavy metal meets rock n' roll to create a style of their own. Thus "Unnecessary 1" was made and songs like "Who We Are", "Land of Doom", "The Glory of the Pillory", and "Like A Rock" indicates the ability and skill set that these guys have gotten themselves into; having upbeat guitar riffs, and solos with easy going drum beats really brings out similar styling's to that of Motorhead, AC/DC, and Black Sabbath. When it comes to the vocal chords those are a lot like Motorhead's standards having a comparison so alike it's uncanny at times how well they work. The rest of the instrumentals aside from the one's mentioned beforehand, just work well together it really makes the music roll right along.  Killer Lodge has got something going for them and it is clearly working well enough that, they can take it onto levels they probably wouldn't even know they were capable of doing.

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