Blood On The Dance Floor's Unplugged Album Artwork and Tracklisting Revealed

Blood On The Dance Floor's all acoustic album "Blood + Unplugged" has made pre-order packages available HERE with the album artwork and tracklisting listed below.


01. Redeemer (Unplugged)
02. Time Machine
03. Ima Monster (Unplugged)
04. Where's Wonderland (Unplugged)
05. Scream For My Ice Cream (Unplugged)
06. Believe (Unplugged)
07. Bewitched (Unplugged)
08. Sexting (Unplugged)
09 Death To Your Heart (Unplugged)
10. Something Grimm (Unplugged)
11. Yo Ho! (Unplugged)

Bonus Tracks!
12. Don't Want To Be Like You
13. Unforgiven (Acoustic)

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