My Little Pony's Equestria Girl Rainbow Rocks Add an Addition of Magic!

My Little Pony's Equestria Girls spin off Rainbow Rocks doll line has added the mystical and magical wisdom that is Trixie! She made a brief appearance with her infamous line "The great and powerful Trixie" in the My Little Pony Equestria Girls film - has been added to the Rainbow Rocks line!

The following details are said; look out, world, because your Trixie Lulamoon doll has a stage style that's every bit as magical as her music! No other band is going to steal the spotlight while Trixie Lulamoon is rocking Canterlot High, and she'll amaze you with her sassy style and stage presence. She knows every fashion trick in the book and she comes with a brush and a rainbow hair extension for different looks! Gear up for some onstage magic with your Trixie Lulamoon doll and her awesome 2-neck guitar!

Equestria Girls doll looks like the Trixie Lulamoon character.
Awesome magician's outfit.
Change her hairstyle with the hair extension.
Includes 2-neck guitar and brush.
Doll comes with hair extension, guitar and brush.

This doll and the rest of the Rainbow Rocks line will be available soon!

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