Devilish Impression's Posts Video for "The Scream of the Lamb" with New Album On the Way

Polish black / death metal maniacs DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS have revealed a live video for the track “The Scream of the Lambs” of their 2012 Lifeforce Records release “Simulacra”. The video was shot during the ‘Fear no Gods of The East Tour 2013′ in Voronezh/ Russia. Check out the video HERE.

 In the meantime the band’s working on their new album. On a different approach toward the sound comments Devilish Impressions’ mainman, Quazarre:

“Seeing the band being slowly labeled in a way we have no strict or definitive connections with, we've decided to redefine the ideas behind our sonic path. That’s why we shall not trigger the drums at all. Also the guitar sound has changed, simply due to the fact the new stuff has been nailed with a 7-strings. Moreover, we've reduced the virtual instruments (synthesizers) to the absolute minimum.”

In return you're going to be surprised with other means of artistic expression. The band has joined forces with a ritual dark ambient project called Contemplatron for the recording sessions of overtone chanting and additional instruments, such as dril bu (ritual Tibetan hand bell) and Chinese Chau gong.

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