Ayane Releases New Theme for Steins;Gate PS Vita Game

Japanese anime/game singer Ayane (11eyes, Ayakashi, s-CRY-ed) released her new single "Kaiko no Fetariteto", the song is used as the OP theme for the PS Vita game Steins;Gate Senkeikosoku no Phenogram.

The single includes 5 tracks and features a new illustration of Steins;Gate characters Kurisu Makise and Mayuri.


1. Kaiko no Fetariteto
2. Shouchuu no Meikyuu
3. GO→Love&Peace Wall5 Remix
4. Kaiko no Fetariteto (off vocal)
5. Shouchuu no Meikyuu (off vocal)

Check out the video for the song HERE.

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