Sanctus Nosferatu - Samca

Sanctus Nosferatu's "Samca" release brings a variety of style when it comes to the music. Having songs like "Cannibalize Corpse", "Revelation", and "Reflection", really demonstrates the abilities quite well. For instance these songs fall between the lines of Cradle of Filth crossed with Cannibal Corpse mixed with Amon Amarth. The music is heavy using all the instrumentals together, each doing its own thing but having it work as one if you will. Whereas the vocals take on a toll of their own accord, being very fierce heavy growls with a strong back bone of energy put in as well making the chords work well enough that it keeps the music keeps going. Sanctus Nosferatu's style is unique in its own sense and manner with bringing out similar styles keeping its own originality.

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