Darrow Chemical Company - Plastic Smile

If you haven't heard of them before, you will have heard of them now because the punk, alternative, heavy rock influence that these guys portray is a mixture of all past projects. The Darrow Chemical Company indeed comes from the ashes of several underground bands some of which include Blitzkid, and Michale Graves among others. Through the start of their career they have self-released everything themselves, maintaining a reality of being a D.I.Y. act, leading them up to do a follow-up to 2012's EP "Lone Star State" called "Plastic Smile".

This time around the horror based titles and scenery that once was present still remains just isn't fully a concept project. Here is just the music while the title does have its say in it, the music is what really draws in the listener. "4 Better Dead Than Wed", "The Dead Don't Care", and "Nowhere to Run" are some examples of the horror based content with the titles in play allowing the music to do the dirty work, instrumentals being fast and very punk rock minded with that alternative edge spot on.

It comes to say that this release is just as the others except more fresh and very upbeat and catchier than the previous material, making it be that more entertaining and show of maturity in the band's growth and craftsmanship.

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