Philip Anselmo's Releases New Video for "Bedridden" on Loudwire

Pantera / Down frontman Philip H. Anselmo is set to unleash his debut solo album, ‘Walk Through Exits Only,’ and a few songs from the upcoming release have already been revealed. But Loudwire has the exclusive premiere of the music video for ‘Bedridden’ — the first official video from Anselmo’s newest project.

‘Bedridden’ offers the same intensity that’s pervasive throughout the ‘Walk Through Exits Only’ album. Deeply infused in hardcore, some groove and thrash elements are mixed in with ‘Bedridden,’ along with some really interesting guitar work. The solos written for the song are super whammy-bar heavy, bending notes for a noticeably long time which results in an awesomely uncomfortable bridge.

Check out the video HERE.

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