Midnight Reign Keeps The Gothic-ness Alive and Well....

California metal rockers Joseph Michael and Starla Baker of Midnight Reign have since been out doing other projects while also writing material for their upcoming follow-up release to "Never Look Back" called "Are You Gothic?" due out next year. Frontman vocalist and guitarist Joseph Michael took sometime to discuss the band's progress with the upcoming release and how much activity they have done since Midnight Reign, reigned the streets of the California terrace.

1. So give me the rundown on what Midnight Reign has been up too, you guys disappeared as of 2009.

Joseph: I have been busy writing songs and building the Recording studio and Record Label HRX Records.  The Biggest expense from the first record (Midnight Reign - Never Look back) was the studio costs. So instead of spending tens of thousands on another record I took that money and made it so I could record infinite records. Also The White Wizzard Tours and Records have taken most of my time this year.

2. Where are you in the recording process of the new album? 

Joseph: I have all the drums and guitars done.

3. Where are you recording the album? 

Joseph: The HRX Records Studios.

4. How has the band’s sound evolved from Never Look Back to Are You Gothic? 

Joseph: We’ll I am a better singer and guitarist now.

5. Was your songwriting and recording process any different than usual for this CD? 

Joseph: No… I like to get lost and come back with a new work. Same as always. Now instead of LSD it’s Craft Beers, Deschutes Black Butte Porter/Obsidian Stout and Dogfishhead 60 minute IPA are perfect writing partners.

6. What inspired the album title? Is it a concept album? 

Joseph: I just hate the whole gothic music scene. I love the image though so I always get the goth tag and people don’t know what to expect.

7. Who is producing the album? How has the producer aided the recording process?

Joseph: I will again be producing.

8. Did the band have any definitive goals they were shooting for before the recording process began for this album? 

Joseph: Well The band isn't really a band. I’m like a heavy metal Prince or Trent Reznor. I played all the instruments except the drums/violin and cello last time. Same as this time. Adam Gust is on the drums again for “Are You Gothic?”.

9. Are you using any new instrumentation you've never used in the recording process before? 

Joseph: No, the vocals will definitely surprise you.

10. When did you start writing for this album? How was the songwriting process different/similar to previous Midnight Reign albums?

Joseph: I started writing this record about 5 years ago.

11. Did you feel any pressure to do this follow-up to Never Look Back? 

Joseph: Nah, I have recorded about 6 records since then. I do this on my own terms.

12. Can you go into one or two tracks on the new album? If so, can you give us the track title and brief description of how the track sounds and how it came about? 

Joseph: There is a song called “The Parade” it’s about religious credulity… It’s similar in structure to the song Never Look Back.

13. Will The Hollywood Rx Records be releasing this album? 

Joseph: Of course.

14. What are your songs about? (What specific themes do they cover?) 

Joseph: Religion… and Sex.

15. Do you write your own songs? (Discuss the songwriting process in detail.)

Joseph: Yes, I have written over a thousand songs. They are slowly making their way out to the public. Like The “Joseph Michael – Ellipsis Sessions” Record.
16. Who are your musical influences? 

Joseph: Mozart, Pantera, Slash, King Diamond, Sebastion Bach, Savatage… LSD.

17. How do you describe your music to people? 

Joseph: I like the old tag line.. “Satan Listening To Appetite For Destruction on LSD.”

18. What are the biggest obstacles for bands? 

Joseph: Money. Oh and lack of talent and songs.

19. What advice would you give to fellow bands? 

Joseph: Quit. 99% of you should be doing other things. That one percent is that good? You should co-write with me on the next “Christmas Record”. LOL!

20. What image do you think your music conveys?

Joseph: I hope it’s a pretty one.

21. When can we expect the new album to be released?  

Joseph: I’d say beginning of next year. I”ll be in Europe for two months touring with White Wizzard (Earache/Century Media Records).

22. What are your expectations for the CD?

Joseph: That you will love it… but some people will think it’s “not metal enough”.

23. What can the fans expect to see from you in the future? 

Joseph: Tons of new music. I’m going to release 100 records or more before I drop dead.

24. Is that your final answer? 

Joseph: NO.

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