Fake Figure's Rus Martin says Things Must Be Destroyed!

Uniting from many different bands (Atreyu, Hotwire, Scars of Tomorrow), Fake Figures has come, and approaches at full tilt with a sonically diverse platter for those to choose from. Having the good fortune of each member being associated with their individual acts has led to an immense arsenal of song writing capabilities and comfort during live performances.

The band released their debut EP Hail The Sycophants in December of 2012 and ready to release their follow-up EP They Must Be Destroyed! Frontman vocalist Rus Martin discusses the EP and other plans these guys have including with their previous projects!

1. Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Fake Figures, and how long the band has been together.

Rus: Greetings and salutations… I am Rus Martin and I sing in the band. I also do as much filming and editing for the band as possible, video-wise. Well, as a recording and live playing band I think it's been since early 2010? But Bob and Travis have had the concept and demoing since….uhh, I forgot.

2. Where did you record this album and, how was the vibe for everybody throughout the whole process?

Rus: We recorded the EP in Van Nuys at The Bronx's studio "Big Game Lodge". Fantastic place, really. The vibe? Well, most of the time we were all pretty much doing our parts on our own with no one else there with Beau.. except for drums - watch -(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEu6NniEno8)

3. What was it like to work with producer Beau Burchell?

Rus: You know it was a blast. He comes from the same background of music we all grew up in and has also expanded his arsenal of taste over the years, as well for us. So after time goes by and we all get together some many years down the line it's like we we're all on the same page from the first page. Great ideas, great structures, and great communication to implement new things into the songs. I can't say enough about Beau.

4. Is there any story or concept behind the They Must Be Destroyed title?

Rus: Well of course…I wanted to express my disdain for the secret society known as he Illuminati. They have been transforming the way all people of Earth live through the invisible power of the government and using the wealth of the 13 royal bloodlines to support their cult and its objectives for a New World Order. I must say their war on human existence hasn't affected me personally, yet, but as a nation, as a collective people trying to survive on this gift called Earth, they've been able to get away with so much evil that the majority of people accept it as 'just life'. Now there are plenty of rumors, theories, and much out there that can paint this ideology as some mythical sci-fi story, but that's because there are those who intend to act as loyalists and aid in their cause, regardless of initiation. If you think something is not right economically, politically, environmentally, scientifically, with the way things are today, and it goes beyond the Donkey and the Elephant…then you might be experiencing an insight called human instinct. Use it, find your own information out there beyond what you have been comfortable reading. Get uncomfortable. Find the dots and connect them yourself, and if you believe it to be false..carry on with your life. I can only tell you so much.

5. Select two songs from They Must Be Destroyed and what inspired the lyrics.

Rus: "Here Come the Idiots"…what I have just told you in my last answer explains what the lyrics are based upon. My own awakening to a different realm of knowledge that helped me confirm some questions I had about the things I was witness to and how to process it all. "Sit and Burn" almost a follow up to the later. This details the paranoia I developed about finding out all this new information and how to apply what I've learned (and am still learning) into my life now. I know for a fact I won't just remain in the mind-shackles covertly installed, one time, by the 'powers that be'. I am not in the people-sheeple.

6. Who did the cover art for They Must Be Destroyed and how much input did you have on it?

Rus: The man known as Ruben Martinez. He did the art for our last EP. I came to him with a bunch of ideas about a vision I had that would be a nice, clean, and simple cover. I know I wanted a pyramid and the bleeding eye…I gave him a few more details and he just took all of it and created what I think is the raddest album cover I've ever been apart of as a musician in a band.

7. What's your take on They Must Be Destroyed as a whole?

Rus: I want the complete antithesis of what they want. To find out what they want… I suggest doing some reading.

8. What's your favorite song on the EP right now?

Rus: I dunnooo…probably You Stupid Beast, only because I just heard it today as a mastered version. But…I'm not a fan of favorites of my own songs… I like'm all.

9. Is it important for you to paint visual pictures with the songs?

Rus: Not really…I tried that a bunch in my old bands…and I always felt like I was just confusing people. So with this release I really wanted to focus on being as clear and precise as possible with the words.

10. What would be the cinematic equivalent of They Must Be Destroyed?

Rus: What a great question. 1984.

11. Where is the new material headed?

Rus: "All the way to #1!" - Rick Dee's

12. When can we expect to see a full-length release?

Rus: I really hope sooner than later…it took us so long to record this EP only because our personal schedules are so F'ED we can barely keep our heads above water to live.

13. Does Atreyu, Hotwire, or Scars of Tomorrow have any plans for new music?

Rus: Atreyu might…I've heard a rumor somewhere on the internet. Hotwire, nope. Scars…I don't know…might need to ask Robert Bob Bradley that one.

14. What do you all have planned for the rest of 2013?

Rus: A bunch of shows with all of our friends bands and whoever else...

15. Any final words to the fans out there?

Rus: "…eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man." - Thomas Jefferson

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