Requiem For The Dead's Poison Girl's Fantasy Faire

Fantasy, fairy tales, Prince and Princess it's a time of which fairy tales have come back to life it seems in more than one media source from TV, films, toys, and even music has gotten involved a good example of this would be "Poison Girl" by Requiem For The Dead. Directed by Tommy Merry and shot at the Veda and Isis Studios, these guys have taken the Alice In Wonderland approach adding their own twist of wonderland bliss and dreams and fantasy.

It's a good take on the classic fairy tale with its own modern day twist and appeal as to how frontman vocalist Steven Juliano could see fit and make work so well. The graphics, effects, design is so attractive and aw-inspiring it's hard to resist.

Requiem For The Dead's "Poison Girl" video takes a step forward than back i.e. "The Death Note of Shipwrecks". In the end Requiem For The Dead has that creative twist that keeps you focused upon the imaginary being played.

Be sure to catch the exclusive world premiere debut at Revolver's website come August 5th!

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