What The Zelf?

The troll a creature with a face, bodily figure that disgusted us but during the 1960s throughout the course of time the troll was turned into a marketing force that ended with troll dolls. You know the dolls with the fuzzy colorful hair styles with shinning diamond belly buttons?

The Troll Dolls 1960s-Present
The Zelfs Troll Dolls 2013
Well not only are those trolls returning but an all new fashionable trolls called The Zelfs little troll creatures with their own cutie identities. So take the troll craze of way back then with My Little Pony's cutie mark trademarks and you get The Zelfs! These new little creatures come in two toy formats a small and a large running between $6.99-$12.99 being sold at retailers Toys R Us and Walmart very soon! Check out a video clip below!


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