Monster High - Fright Song and We Are Monsters Mash Up

Mattel's Monster High debuted a few years back and fans were in an uproar when the theme song "Fright Song", was the main web source to capture the create the reality that is Monster High. Now a few years have surpassed and Monster High has developed into a global sensation with various doll lines, movies, specials, convention appearances, multimedia items the list is endless and flawless really. As such, an all new song a refresh or reboot if you will called "We Are Monsters", takes reign introducing a fresh new pop edgy beat with catchy lyrics, groovy melodies, that keeps the music flowing from start to finish. This new approach and take to the Monster High popularity is worth wild having the fans adjust to a new way and appeal to the freaky flaw monster scene. Will this new song perhaps take over "Fright Song", for good or will "We Are Monsters", just be one of those songs that fills in the gaps for enjoying something fresh and new?

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