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Northeast Iowa MetalFest is an all ages heavy metal/hardcore music event circulating through Northeastern Iowa featuring regional bands. MetalFest '13, presented by AM/FM Productions, is happening Saturday August 31st at Echo Valley Speedway/Reception Center in West Union Iowa. This event will showcase six Iowa regional metal bands from the Cedar Valley area and Cedar Rapids. All of this and more information can be found on FB and at the company page Co-owner of AM/FM Productions Kevin Phillips spoke of this festive event and what else this can all lead onto.

1. So how long has Iowa been holding this Metalfest?

Kevin: This is the first year for the Northeast Iowa MetalFest. We're pretty excited about it.

2. What is this festival about what sets it apart from all the other music festivals?

Kevin: MetalFest 13 is AM/FM Productions way to showcase local Iowa metal bands at a rural event & community that doesn't normally get a chance to experience this.

3. This festival is presented by AM/FM Productions how did you partner up with them to get this set-up?

Kevin: Actually we, AM/FM Productions, came up with the idea ourselves. Being fans of live/local music ourselves, it's our goal to present the very best live, local, and independent music from Northeast Iowa to the fans.

4. Why did you want to create this type of festival?

Kevin: It's all about the music, and bringing people together. With the local music scene the way it is, it’s getting harder and harder to get into a venues’ doors and sometimes it simply comes down to “pay-to-play” in order for a band to perform in front of an audience. We feel it’s time for a change. We want to put our local Iowa (and surrounding areas) bands and artists on the stage where they belong. We know there are a lot of people that enjoy heavier rock music or metal. We wanted to give that group something just for them; something they can't get everyday or even every year in Northeastern Iowa

5. What type of bands will be a part of this festival and why did you want those bands in particular?

Kevin: As with any event, we wanted to present a show that we ourselves would want to attend. We hand picked most of the bands ourselves. We took the time and listened to their music on Facebook, or Reverbnation and we tried to pick bands that would each bring their own unique element and quality to the overall experience.

6. What is it about these bands and their genres that said to you, we want these bands and not any others?

Kevin: While all of these bands are classified as heavy metal/hardcore, they all have their own unique sound and character as well. So there will be variety throughout the show itself.

7. How long has the festival been around?

Kevin: Again, this will be our first year and as much excitement and buzz that it is already making, we hope it will become a yearly event. We are already brainstorming for a bigger MetalFest'14.

8. Where can we pick up tickets to attend this festival?

Kevin: Tickets are available now through AM/FM Productions staff, band members or online at

9. What is it you would like music listeners to take from this festival experience?

Kevin: Basically we want to give the listeners an experience that will last. When people throw down their hard earned money for tickets to something like this, it's our job to make sure they're getting their moneys' worth. We think we've put together an event that will do that...and more!

10. What else do you guys have lined up aside from this event?

Kevin: We are always looking towards the future and brainstorming for upcoming shows/events. We have stand-up comedy coming up on August 10th, MetalFest'13 on the 31st...its hard to say what we will come up with next. Whatever it is, you will want to be there with us.

Northeast Iowa MetalFest is an all ages heavy metal/hardcore music event circulating through Northeastern Iowa featuring regional bands.

Presented by:
AM/FM Productions

Sponsored by:
Sinners ‘n Saints Ink, MCW Freelance, Guitar Center, Monster Energy, Underground Grafix and Fangs For Nothing Clothing.

Performing (in order of appearance):

2.Neutral Red
5.Suffocating Silence

DJ Tommy Friend will be playing music & videos prior to and in between sets, as well as giving away free Monster Energy S.W.A.G (something we all get).

August 31st, 2013

Doors open @ 5:00 pm
Show starts @ 6:00 pm

Echo Valley Reception Center
10201 Harding Rd
West Union, Iowa
(563) 419-6113

Advance $10
Day of Show $12

Advance tickets can be purchased online at
Proper ID and name must be given at the door to gain access if you purchase tickets online.

Every ticket purchased acts as one (1) entry into the prize giveaway. Additional raffle tickets may be purchased for $5 day of/at the show. Proof of age and a legal ID must be presented to and approved by AM/FM Productions. Drawing for one (1) free tattoo by Sinners ‘n Saints Ink ($150 value) and one (1) free Ibanez Gio guitar – conducted before headliner’s set. Must be present to win. Must be 18 or older and show proper ID to be eligible for the tattoo prize.

Pulled Pork/Maidrites, Chips, Candy, etc.

Full bar offering canned beer, pop and mixed drinks.

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