Ill Nino - Epidemia

Latin rooted metal rockers Ill' Nino have come a long way and now that they have gotten signed with Victory Records there is no turning back, because now on their latest creation "Epidemia", their sound has been refreshed, more equipped with melodic abilities and vocal chords with extensive amounts of guitars, tribal drums, Latin percussion, and Salsa-infused bass lines that stays true to the style they have been known to create.

"La Epidemia", "Death Wants More" "Escape", "Time Won't Save You", and "Invisible People", these tunes retrace their roots to when I had heard the band for the first time via the film "Freddy Vs. Jason" with the hit single "How Can I Live Without You". These selective tunes alone set up the dynamics that is Ill Nino having a solid ground of aggressive with yet a soothing feel of the Latin inspired rhythms coursing right along. The album itself is pretty straight forward as soon as the first song begins the album just chugs right into the end having the aggression being buckled right in.

All in all Ill Nino has established their ground ever so further  there is no telling as to just how far these guys will end up going.

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