Three Days Grace - Transit of Venus

Three Days Grace an act who's had it coming to them for quite some time now and now that time is up. "Transits Of Venus" is the title of their fourth album containing the single "Chalk Outline" that puts frontman Adam Gontier with aggression and angst than ever before.

Hence the band has indeed matured on this release going further than before having these songs be more emotional and comforting than hard and heavy. Like take tracks "Misery Loves My Company", "Happiness", "Broken Glass", and "Unbreakable Heart", these titles alone set up what can be expected from these guys head on emotional content with overwritten sorrow that has a constant beating of music flowing right into the next song as soon as one ends.

Guitars and vocal chords are strong but fierce keeping the listener on edge. There is no doubt about it that this release is one you will not forget.

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