Le Paige - Hit The Lights

Pop punk rockers Le Paige have got an EP called "Hit The Lights" and after listening to the selection of tracks offered a load of similarities came to mind from Blink-182, Boys Like Girls, All Time Low, and even Plain White Ts. Having songs like "Truly Divine", has an exact reaction to anything All Time Low has ever produced whereas "Another Chance to Lose" has Blink-182 written all over it but probably Blink-182's self-titled days like "Feelin This" and "Miss You" is what you get when listening to that track. While "Modern Day Aphrodite" is more upbeat with its pop vibes being pulsed through the music having catchier riffs with drum patterns that keep the music flowing right on through. Le Paige is another one of those pop punk rock acts that you can't seem to get out of your head even after the first listen.

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