The Suicide Ghouls Creepy Double Review

What a great way to spread the Halloween howilday cheer than to listen to an act like The Suicide Ghouls and their two back to back releases "We Put The Fun In Funeral" and "Rock'n'Roll Halloween" EP both of which were released within the same time span. Either way these releases set up a horror punk act that is unstoppable and takes the chances as others have done i.e. The Misfits, Danzig, Blitzkid, Neckromantix, The Other, and Calabrese.

With that said this set-up is truly superb and for an act such as this being an unsigned one is hard to come by for only a few have gotten away with writing let alone recording material that sounded so crisp and clean it's unstoppable. Use of the dark vocals, terror tunes which blend so well with the pop punk vibes it makes this a spooktaular delight of mischief and eeriness. Having songs like "Vampyr", "My Great Pumpkin", and the title track off the "Rock'n'Roll Halloween" EP release; doubles the ghoulish thrills and excitement that is brought on with the other tunes "She Bytes", "Love You To Death", "Dance of the Dead", "Resurrection", "Lycan", and "I Was a Teenage Frankenstein".

The tunes are catchy very upbeat and stunning with an edge that keeps the music jumping. Whether or not your into the punk scene this is one of those releases that gets the grooves bumping in everybody who listens to it.

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