Casino Madrid - Robots

Who ever knew that hardcore, metal, and techno could be used for good. San Diego, Californians Casino Madrid has got a debut on their hands and this is a full-length release so a continuation of what you first heard on their debut EP "For Kings & Queens".

When the intro song kicks things off with its chant of “we are all robots/searching for a purpose/we are all robots/searching for a meaning” things start to get into the flow of a similar sounding formula soon afterwards. the interchanging of clean screaming and growling vocals are dispersed throughout each song, with the occasional pop-punk auto-tuned vocals used during the chorus. The synth parts aren't overly used but they do provide a variety effect every now and again. With this you get everything wrapped up in a nicely sort of chug, chug, metal breakdown of sorts that tends to occur within most metal songs of today's scene. The variety of styles took into use does get the job done when listening in keeping the listener in full ear shot of wanting more as it will.

There are of course several other things at play, such as gang vocals, occasional melodic interludes, electronic parts plastered here and there that brings it altogether in the long run. So surely fans of Asking Alexandria, Motionless In White, and Alesana will eat these guys up!

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