Reverse This Curse - Another Victim

Norwegians Reverse This Curse is post-hard and rock from the Norway dimension thus their musical tastes takes a toll on the listener having similarities and guest appearances being quite frank i.e. former frontman of harcore goth rockers I Am Ghost Steven Juilano and current project Requiem for the Dead, took his shot at being the apart of the band's current single called "Another Victim".

As soon as the music begins I Am Ghost and Requiem for the Dead are what come to mind using the same formula as they have done, guitar riffs, solos, drum patterns, vocal chords, it all fits in well into what Reverse This Curse has made for themselves. Other similarities includes Escape The Fate, Snow White's Poison Bite, and Vampires Everywhere.

The music is creative and easily unique having a solid ground for a fresh start and fans will surely not be too far behind.

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