Davey Suicide - Put Our Trust In Suicide

Davey Suicide's "Put Our Trust In Suicide" is the glimpse into what to expect on the upcoming yet to be released full-length. Davey and crew has brought the industrial heavy metal back to the forefront of the music scene, just as other acts before them did, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, Nine Inch Nails, Fear Factory and Ministry.

Davey Suicide has already been making a name for themselves as they have toured a bit and released and shot a video for the hit single "Generation Fuck Star". The song is about rebellion and purely rock n' roll taking the listener to a whole new reality of music through the  eyes that is Davey Suicide.

This is indefinitely an EP from start to finish, that thrashes you with power chords while the drums hit you like body blows from fist fighter. Though the course of the crunchily corrosive chaos, Davey never loses sight of those crucial hooks. This is one of those releases that is musically vicious and super-catchy at the same time.

Davey Suicide is one of the best surprises of this year. He has that bitterness and badass in equal measure and whips it into an industrialized metal concoction that hits the ears hard and yet is commercially easy to digest despite the vitriol and venom it's dipped with.

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