Falling In Reverse's Special Guest Revealed To Be.....

Falling In Reverse just kicked off their fall headlining tour with I See Stars, Enter Shikari,and Letlive. But the tour post had mentioned a "very special guest" would be on route too but whom? Well there was a hint hidden on the poster with the initials "ETF".

Fans couldn't figure it out but had a feeling perhaps Escape The Fate? It just so happens that the openers for Falling In Reverse are indeed Escape The Fate! BUT not so much it's actually Falling In Reverse in disguise the entire band of Falling In Reverse are playing the songs that Ronnie had originally written and sang while in Escape The Fate and are disguised in black ski masks. Hence the joke "The Thug In Me Is You" given their choice of appearance. It makes sense because why would Ronnie produce and publish a whole album directed towards hating ETF, just to tour with them?

Either way what do you think of this and what do you think the future will hold? Perhaps an ETF 2.0?


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