Monster High Ghoulish Double Feature!

Mattel's Monster High has debuted several TV specials since it debut back in 2010 on Nick. Now they have  decided to release them on DVD!

The first TV special to air came out on DVD as an exclusive with the Dawn of the Dance wave 2 doll line. But this time an all new feature is coming taking two specials together for the first time putting the Valentine's Day special "Why Do Ghouls Fall In Love?" and Roller Maze special "Friday Night Frights" together. But wait what about "Skull Shores"? Well perhaps that special will be included on another double feature set as a part of the upcoming special set on the new doll line called "Scaris, City of Fright" which is airing sometime next year. The first ever movie "Ghouls Rule" will also be aired and released on DVD.

Thus those two specials dealing with travel purposes there is no doubt that they wouldn't go hand in hand with one another. You can watch an exclusive mini trailer below of the new double feature that is coming out Spring time of next year!

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