Monster High Ghouls Rule!

Mattel's toy line Monster High debuted in 2010 and since has made a mark on the scene since having numerous dolls, appeal, video games, and other events to get us humans ghoul on.

Now the ghouls are back in their first ever DVD movie release! Partnering up with Universal Pictures Mattel's Monster High takes the ghouls and normies (humans) to life as each other come face to face and find out the true meaning of Halloween. The animation takes CGI to another level having it be very detailed just as it was in it's second television special shown on Valentine's Day called Why Do Ghouls Fall In Love?

The voice actors do a superb job having various jokes and knock offs to the classic episodes of the online series staying true to it's motto's and morals of what Monster High is all about having their slogan of Be Yourself, Be Unique, Be a Monster being true to the bone. The movie runs a little over a hour long while the previous specials running around 45 minutes in length. This movie brings the ghouls home and will satisfy all of those ghouls and normies needs of fun!

This DVD release comes in it's standard and exclusive formats the exclusive including 2 discs the bonus disc including 15 bonus episodes of the online web series from the first season. While the regular DVD contains three never before seen episodes along with the film of course. Either way this is a flick you will fall dead over for and not want to pass up for this time of year!

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