Black Veil Brides - Rebels

To pass the time Black Veil Brides went back into the studio to record an EP simply titled "Rebels". It consists of 3-tracks 2 covers and one unreleased track off their latest album "Set The World On Fire" (2011). "Coffin", brings a doom but eerie vibe with a heavy undertone of modern day rock that really expands in the band's skills as musicians. Whilst the other two tracks are covers of Billy Idol's "Rebel Yell", and Kiss's "Unholy", each adding its own BVB flare of momentum. For instance frontman Andy Biersack’s screaming abilities really picks up every now and then while adding the addition of infamous guitarist Zakk Wylde on Kiss’s cover makes it more rebellious than ever before. Overall BVB has done it again and will continue to rise up to be one of the most historic bands of our time.

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