Emilie Autumn - Opheliac

Better known by her stage persona of Emilie Autumn she's been around fifteen years and she says "I'm just another pretty face" on the track "Misery Loves Company" off her 2006 release "Opheliac". But is that all she is? Just another pretty face in the crowd of the infamous California sunshine... Perhaps she is and perhaps she isn't but if you have not heard her name by now let's just say you already did.

In any case it's been quite some time since we've heard from Emilie Autumn and since this release she's been occupying her time towards her next all new release which she declares to be a continuation of this last release. But instead of jumping ahead "Opheliac", consisted of a variety of styles classical, electronica, glam rock with theatrics, burlesque, with flamboyant outfits to the all natural gothic or as she puts it "Victoriandustrial".

The use of her violin and various electronic beats really captures the essence and elemental realm that such songs as "The Art of Suicide", "I want My Innocence Back", "Gothick Lolita", and "Dead is the New Alive", progresses. A lot of elements are at play here and that’s what makes this album stand out the most. Emilie Autumn has portrayed herself as a musician but one that can overcome her own abilities and skills as a person and infusing that emotion and raw enforcement is what makes her creativity that more genuine.

“Opheliac” comes in a deluxe and non-deluxe versions having the deluxe contain an extra disc that has additional tracks and other material that will captivate any Emilie Autumn fan who wants to devour within her sound of her music.

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