Monster High's Freaky Fab 13 Kick Starts This Spooky New Year!

Mattel's Monster High line has been a huge success since it's debut back in 2010. This year is going to be slightly different having the brand do various things on the 13th of every month and espically on each of the three Friday the 13th's happening this year.

In celebration an alternatibe website called Freaky Fab 13 will be featuring content from trailers to games to other ghoulish news which also includes Monster High's newest publication outlet the Gory Gazette. Among the content will be three new hour-long CGI-animated specials airing on Nickelodeon with the first, being a Valentine’s Day special titled "Why Do Ghouls Fall In Love" airing February 12th at 1PM on Nick. You can watch the trailer HERE.

The other two specials will air closer to the other Friday the 13th's occurring this year happening closely to April 13th and July 13th. The specials will mark the move from Flash animation to CGI, completed with the help of Vancouver, Canada’s Nerd Corps Entertainment. The property already has a line of successful fashion dolls, its Flash-based webisodes have currently amassed more than 140 million views on and YouTube combined, and a deal was signed last July with game developer THQ that brought Monster High's "Ghoul Spirit" to Wii and Nintendo DS/DSi.

Monster High features the humorous high school adventures of characters including Frankie Stein, Clawdeen Wolf and Draculaura, and there’s nothing scary about the brand’s recent growth and expansion it will continue to develop.

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