Obscure Pleasures Sparks Up Interview

New wave electro act Obscure Pleasures features vocalist Joshua White, bassist Ryan Foster, and guitarist Ben Green. Frontman Joshua had the time to talk with me about the brand's all new single "Private Peep Show", available January 30th and the upcoming mega showcases that features U.S. artist William Control. Joshua is quite pleased with how far the band has come and where they're about to end up.

1. So why the name Obscure Pleasures?

Joshua: Ryan came up with the name, it's a homage to our main muscial inspiration Joy Division, "Pleasures" taken from the album "Unknown Pleasures" and Obscure just seemed to fit perfectly, for the band and lyrical subject matter alike.

2. You're from West Browmich, Birmingham, what's the music scene like out there?

Joshua: At the moment I find it one of utter confusion, I cannot deny there are some very talented bands around here but it kind of feels like if they were to be put on a mixtape you wouldn't be able to tell when one band ends and another begins. It's either very heavy or very pop punk and I think it tends to be a tad repetitive... With that said there are still some amazing bands around here, creating fresh, new, exciting sounds, such as: The Midnight Lycan Party, The Jezzables and This Burning Age, too name a few.

3. In February you're going to be playing two shows with U.S. artist William Control, you must all be very thrilled about it?

Joshua: Indeed we are! We played our first ever live show back in July 2010 with William Control and it will be great to share the stage with him once again! William is a wonderful person and one of the very few true musicians out there, it's an honour to call him a friend.

4. William Control, The Cure, Bauhaus, these are all acts among others that influence you musically why?

Joshua: It's the music I've been raised on, my mother was quick to show me the wonderful New Romantic sounds of the 80's and I fell in love with that. I've always been a huge fan of The Human Leauge and from that I was introduced to bands like Japan, David Bowie and The Smiths, which had a major impact on my life.

5. "Private Peep Show" is your new single being released on January 30th are there any works for any other releases like an EP or even a full-length?

Joshua: Yes... We plan on releasing a record this summer which we have started to write, I'm very excited about it!

6. What's the song about?

Joshua: The song is about the lengths people will go to seek a form of pleasure, and the bond between client and they're mistress.

7. What else can be expected from Obscure Pleasures for 2012?

Joshua: A horror show... It's going to be very exciting!

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