Fake Figures - Hail The Sycophants

Whenever the combination of various musicians join forces it could be good or bad but in any case Fake Figures featuring members Russ Martin (Hotwire), guitarist Travis Miguel (Atreyu), guitarist Heather Baker (The Iron Maidens), bassist Bob Bradley (Scars of Tomorrow) & drummer J Po (Nightfall). Thus their EP debut "Hail The Sycophants" shows their musical ability in an instant.

"Perfect No One", opens up with fast driven guitars drum blasting beats that blend well with Russ Martin's vocal skills. Whereas "Something Deadly" has Travis and J Po doing the drum and guitar thing but with total style having it run smooth and heavy from start to finish. Other notable tunes "As We Drift", and "Let Them Bleed", features raw talent with flawless musical ability that stands out like no tomorrow for instance "As We Drift" its accompanied by a sooth piano melody that enforces that rock balland tone that really captures the music. Whilst "Let Them Bleed", is the band's leading single and brings their source of style to a closing point adding on more that we can expect.

Perhaps a full-length album in the making? We can only hope for the better.

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