Abigail Williams - Becoming

On Abigail William's newest release "Becoming" the band has taken a whole another approach and this time it is one that they have been eyeing on for quite some time. Due to the lack of changing their style of music over the years Abigail Williams has done it yet again aiming towards the black metal approach falling in between the lines of Emperor meets Dark Funeral with a little flare of Mayhem mixed together.

Having done this the music has taken a turn for the better. The guitars are heavier and faster than ever before with the vocals sounding more in-depth and purely evil. "Ascension Sickness", and "Elestial", are remarkably the same song when you listen close enough having just a few minor differences that are barely noticeable. Each consist of a doomy yet depressive tone with various speeds of the guitar and vocals lingering in every so often it's hard to figure out which way the music is going to head for next.

The other songs offered on this release rotate in do their own thing having effects with guitar introductions that tends to linger onward making the music lag. The riffs when used does indeed capture the sound and style that the band is wanting to gain but it just takes so long to hear the best portions that it just drains the music to pieces.

Abigail Williams new approach is black metal quality but the craftsmanship just isn’t all there and their earlier works seemed to have a lot more energy and emotion than this.

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