Underoath - Ø (Disambiguation)

Whilst being together for 14 years is a good thing it's surprising to see Tampa, Florida residents Underoath are still around at all. With their record of band member changes occurring periodically, it’s funny how they have managed to stick around for this long to begin with. "Ø (Disambiguation)", steps away from their previous releases "Define the Great Line" (2006) and 2008's "Lost in the Sound of Separation", to become a darker album to cope with.

Guitarist Tim McTague says “We’ve never been afraid of singing, but the big poppy choruses are gone. This record has a lot more of a mature feeling. It wasn’t that we hated melody, but we wanted it to be a proper fit.” With that said, "In Division", starts the album off with a layer of guitar driven aftermath with diverse vocals with hooks so captive it’s hard to resist. The song sets up the rest of the album like with "Catch Myself Catching Myself", the song features chorus structure that has vocalist Spencer Chamberlain really giving it his all drawing in between the lines of resembling that of Norma Jeans musical traits.

Distortion, voiceovers, very powerful tracks are all over this album; "Illuminator", and "Paper Lung", give that inner tone of aggression and ability. Like “Paper Lung”, is considerably the “ballad” on this album offering a soft melodic sense that slowly fades away mid-way through the track, then that aggressive overtone of effort comes in bashing it to pieces its really breath taking.

It goes without saying that Chamberlain has lyrically outdone himself by developing his clean vocals to contrast with his screaming attics really is flawless. The fact being that each song indeed revolves around his vocals gives the album and the band an immediate focus that was missing from their prior albums.

Thus leaving Underoath to have a diverse set of records that can appeal to anyone making "Ø (Disambiguation)", that more memorable.

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