Raped By Pigs Cut Up Interview

During the midst of 2009 Raped By Pigs had begin writing material for their debut album "Contamination Of Whores" (2009). Thus this Lima-Perú act would spend countless hours buried in the amount of blood and violence that would surpass its audience. In spite, that their country doesn't have enough support, these guys go against all odds and break all the rules making a history within this scene that will exterminate the alter existence of this human pestilence.

1.How has your sound evolved/developed from Contamination Of Whores?

RBP: My sound helps to the band in an effective way. We are working together to make that two guitars sound in a more brutal and heartbreaking for the cd that comes out. Also, we are using computers to help us to get better sound at one hundred percent in almost the whole process. We will try to be infected by some soundmen with classical sounds. We want to have our own sound to take it to the stages.

2.How was your chemistry with renZo oZner, since this was his first CD with the band?

RBP: Well, we met each other some time ago and the chemistry between us from the beginning was very good. We get along. We are good friends. It helps that in music also everything be all right. I hear what he says, and he,  my contributions.We have complete freedom to get into sound of the other one without jealousy or another stupid things that may damage our professional and amicable relationship.

3. Raped by pigs is a band with a label in Spain and is very welcome into the world. Is this a pressure?

RBP: Well, to tell you the truth, I come from other bands and I can tell you that pressure is minimal. I feel totally relaxed and very comfortable working in Raped, I wish I could transfer the pressure to the seal on the contrary. haha.

4..How do you guys divide the guitar parts?

RBP: Well, as you know there is no first guitar and no plucks in the band. We create the harmonics with a slight prominence of Renzo to give me a place to enter with force and maintain this trend to the end.

5.How did you get started in music?

RBP: I started playing music in my early ages. I enjoyed listening to classic rock, It was different what my friends listened to. As you know I come from a Latin country in where the metal rock did not have too much acceptance in time and place where I lived, but I always felt attracted by heavy music and of course, the first band has impacted and change my life was Black Sabbath. And for me is still the best.

6.Who were some guitarists that inspired you?

RBP: I'm not a fan of guitarists. I like to work in a group.The sound of the band just makes it sound better. I love Black Sabbath, Iron  Maiden, Cannibal Corpse, Soffocation, Dying Fetus, Lamb Of God, Slipknot. I have varied preferences.

7.What are your expectations for the CD?

RBP: The CD will be a success! We are working well, with patience. I'm going to do everything I can, because a CD is like a child. We should give birth to our monster and make sure it does well.

8.What are your debut album plans after this?

RBP: The projects we have after the CDs release is to play, play everywhere and anywhere so people can be contaminated by us, while we are creating new material for our next album.

9.Describe the band's first show.

RBP: All the people who come to see us play will not be disappointed. We do paraphernalia to show people the heavier side of music we may also have a set of sophisticated shows, almost like a theater performance. We want people to get into the world of us and who we are, Raped By Pigs.

10.What about touring when will we be seeing you guys in the U.S.?

RBP:  If any producer wants to lead us there they must contact our manager or production company. We would go to the U.S. to display our show in what we consider our spectacle of death metal because we are ready.

11.What's your video game platform of choice, and your favorite game?

RBP: I don't play so much because I play my guitar most of the time, but when I can find time I play God of War. It's always a good feeling to want to kill people even if it's just virtually.

12.What's the best movie/DVD you've seen lately?

RBP: Definitely Jig Saw, the idea of killing people indirectly makes me feel great. It's something I get obsessed with  .....someday. ... I'll kill you.

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