SoundCheck Calls Hollywood Its Home for Music

The launch of SoundCheck Hollywood located on the very infamous Sunset Strip next to the most ranked venues known Whisky A Go-Go, Roxy, Key Club, and Viper Room aside from the House Of Blues up the street. This venue goes back to the time when Tower Records roamed these city streets. Now that, time of age is behind us SoundCheck Hollywood is serving a purpose to unite musicians and music fans together as one. SoundCheck Hollywood will feature everything from Vinyl to CDs, DVDs, from all artists spanning across these past decades. Having also available very limitied edition memorbilla that will cover its 4 walled outlet. This is the place to be when it comes to all things music.

Though all of this sounds quite grand it continues to offer even more. It offers the fans a one of a kind meet and greet opporunity with the bands that make the music happen. By experiecing a "backstage" atmosphere rather than having your typical 5 second rule. SoundCheck Hollywood explains "We want to create an intimate environment that no other store has ever offered fans when they go to meet their favorite artists at a signing. SoundCheck's backstage will be far different from your typical "move-it-along" setting, i.e. having a line of people looking over your shoulder while you are sharing your coveted moment with the band you came to meet" Avildsen added. All the brand new releases that normally drop on Tuesdays will be dropping 9PM the night before. "If a kid can buy it on iTunes on the east coast at that moment, then people in California should be able to buy the physical version in person too."

To top it off, whether you are just browsing the store or waiting in line to get backstage at SoundCheck Hollywood, fans can enjoy the two fully restored, timeless arcade pinball machines found inside: GUNS N ROSES and WWF ROYAL RUMBLE, which are free to customers.



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