Let’s Have a Wreck with Drive A!

Los Angeles punks Drive A made their mark two years ago with the release of their debut record “Loss Of Desire” in 2009. Now two years later the band has done nothing but tour, write, and record the follow-up to that very release entitled “World In Shambles”. Vocalist/guitarist Bruno Mascolo just wrapped up his run of The Dead Masquerade Tour with Escape The Fate, Alesana, Motionless In White and Get Scared and is already on a whole another run of dates with Hollywood Undead. There is no telling as to where Drive A will end up next.

1. So it's been six months since last speaking with you guys and now your sophomore album has been released digitally for now, what do you have to say for yourselves?

Bruno: We've been touring our asses off and writing songs. We did a tour with Escape The Fate Jan-March and now we’re on tour with Hollywood Undead. We also had the pleasure of working with director Shane Drake who directed music videos for Paramore and Panic at the Disco. We made a two music video mini film that just premiered on mtvu and Kroq.com this week with him.

2. When will the album be available physically?

Bruno: It’s looking like late June.

3. Why did you want to go with naming the album 'The World In Shambles"? What does that symbolize or represent for Drive A?

Bruno: We'll it’s a song off the record and it kind of represented something bigger to us. There's a lyric in the song that says "the worlds in shambles but I resist to let it take away my bliss" which means if you think your worlds in shambles you have to look for the light at the end of the tunnel and never to feel alone I feel like a positive message for a record is always important music is a healthy escape from your normal life so we really wanted to embrace that in the meaning of the record.

4. What are your thoughts on the album and do you have any personal favorites off it?

Bruno: I mean we wrote the damn thing so I can tell you the truth I love every song haha. In all seriousness I would say my favorite right now is our new single called" Let's Have A Wreck" if you go to youtube.com/drivearocks you can check out the music video.

5. How many demos did the band have to make and send out to before getting signed by Dead Conflict/EMI Records?

Bruno: I’d pretty much say all of our first record demos before we got picked up by those labels.

6. Tell me about this street team of yours the Drive A Alliance how did that come about and has its teamsters been doing their duty to get the word out of who Drive A is?

Bruno: Yes we have such a devoted fan base the fact that they’re willing to help spread the word about us is so cool and I thank them for that every day. It just kind of came about from people asking if we needed any help. Music has the ability to bring people together we've noticed our fans become friends with each other which is such an amazing thing to see.

7. You have not just one but two new music videos out was that a lot of spare time at hand on your last touring run?

Bruno: Not really, before the tour we just finished with Escape The Fate we knew we wanted to make a music video then the idea of a two part video came about then ideas kind of started flowing. The concept of the videos is that we live in a world where real music is not allowed. There is a police force called ALL DIGITAL that has been monitoring the band and find out we've been creating music outside their guidelines. Once the ALL DIGITAL police find out about us they take us hostage. The Sequel video is us finding a way out and getting back at the ALL DIGITAL police. It has a real underline meaning to what is going on in music today. If you try to be creative and go against what is popular right now people try to bring you down and destroy you but if you believe in your heart about what you're doing you will always rise above.

8. Speaking of tours your about to embark on the Revolt Tour with 10 Years, New Medicine, and Hollywood Undead do you think you will gain a greater audience with this bill of bands or will time only tell?

Bruno: All I can say is whenever we take the stage we give it 110%. Music is what we all love, and live for. Even if we don't sound like the other bands on the bill the passion/energy comes across and people are able to connect.

9. What's the band's favorite song to play live?

Bruno: My favorite song to play live is a brand new song called Salvation, pretty much because we just started playing it live haha.

10. You've been in the supporting slot a lot lately will you be doing your own headlining run or not yet?

Bruno: Yes, it’s looking like a summer or fall headlining tour.

11. Out of all of the tours you've done what's been your most memorable tour moment?

Bruno: On the last tour we got to sing a song with Escape The Fate which was really cool. I mean it’s just so hard to pick one moment because so much crazy shit goes on when you're out on the road.

12. If you could play a show anywhere in the world where would it be?

Bruno: Hawaii or Las Vegas I’m a huge fan of warm weather.

13. A young fan comes up to you and tells you your music has moved them and they want to become a musician like you. What advice would you give them?

Bruno: Start a band with your friends, never give up, and do the music that you really believe in.

14. Do your family members all support you and what you do for a living?

Bruno: Yes, they think it’s awesome that I’m going after my dreams.

15. Where do you see Drive A five years from now?

Bruno: Two more records out with a fan base that is too big to even dream of right now haha.

16. What does Drive A have planned for the summer?

Bruno: Talks of a headlining tour, some festival shows, and possibly heading out with a bunch of cool bands but can't say who just yet. There’s some top secret stuff going on over here that willing keep you guessing.

17. Do you have anything to say to our readers?

Bruno: Check us out on facebook.com/drivea, twitter.com/driveaband, youtube.com/drivearocks, and drivearock.com we don't want your money we want your attention.

18. Is that your final answer?


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