ROB ZOMBIE Announces New Drummer

ROB ZOMBIE has officially recruited former MARILYN MANSON drummer Ginger Fish (real name: Kenneth Robert Wilson) as the replacement for departed sticksman Joey Jordison — who left due to scheduling conflicts with his primary band, SLIPKNOT.

Ginger Fish played his first show with ROB ZOMBIE on February 6 at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz, California. He remained behind the kit for all of ROB ZOMBIE's U.S. dates in February before Jordison — who was in Europe performing with MURDERDOLLS — rejoined the group in time for ROB ZOMBIE's U.K. headlining dates at the end of that same month.

The first photo of the current ROB ZOMBIE touring lineup — featuring Ginger Fish — can be viewed below. Also available is performance footage from the Santa Cruz show.

Zombie told The Pulse of Radio last year that his most recent band, which also features guitarist John 5 and bassist Piggy D., was the best he'd ever had. "Yeah, this is the best it's ever been," he said. "I mean, it always gets better and better, but I really can't imagine it ever getting better than this because everybody in the band is such a perfect fit for what we need to do and, you know, there's been times where there's nice people in the band or good players, but they just sort of weren't the right person but they could fake it onstage. But this is the first time we've really had four people that are all like-minded. I don't know, it's just perfect. I mean, we would all be friends if we weren't in the band. We're all that same type of personality, it's great."

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