Avril Lavigne - Goodbye Lullaby

Four years have passed since Avril Lavigne released a full-length album but during her absence she did "pop-up" in other places. She has her own fragrance, fashion line, and a personal life that has opened up since breaking it off with ex-husband Deryck Whitbley in 2009. So "Goodbye Lullaby" must be her kick start to a whole new life.

This being her fourth album to date takes several steps away from what she use to create taking her punk rock style and making it flip-flop to the pop zone. "What The Hell" is a copy-catted version of "Girlfriend", making it sound sorta new but it doesn’t cut it. "Goodbye Lullaby", exposes the inner beauty of Avril's work "Wish You Were Here", explains that "There's a girl that gives a shit-behind this wall". It's layered with tattered love bites and romantic drama that's been building up in Avril's system. As such it's like Avril wanted to find her voice not the teen pop punk princess she use to be but find a connection with herself where her adult voice could take flight and it's done in "Push", and "Darlin". These well rounded songs provide an honest listening method for the listener capturing material that’s heartfelt and true.

The quality of tunes offered on this album is sincere and meaningful making this a complicated yet brilliant experiment she’s taken into account. Her mushy love life may have ended on a bad note but this loving diva is surly to end up on a much higher note that she has ever reached.

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