Drive A - The World In Shambles

Drive A has been roaming the L.A. city streets since the debut release of "Loss Of Desire" (2009) now two years later they are still causing havoc with their sophomore release “The World In Shambles”. Taking their inspiration from such acts as Green Day, New Found Glory, and London based acts Drive A has based their musical structure on pure rebellious rock.

The intro foretells the whereabouts of the band but apparently it’s unknown. This leads right into “Revolt!” an aggressive yet impulsive tune that keeps the energy at bay having it build into what becomes “Young Cunt”. The energy that had been building within “Revolt!” is let loose splurging a spree of momentum that cannot be dismissed.  "Let's Have A Wreck", is the train wreck tune that barrels down the cracked streets and dirt covered corpses that are ignored by its citizens. "Robbery", exposes vocalist/guitarist Bruno Mascolo's vocal tactics on a whole another level. By this, his vocal chords have a deeper growling method than what we’ve heard previously.

“The World In Shambles” is what punk rock is and will forever be about.

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