Monster High's Dawn of the Dance Gets Out of School

Mattel's Monster High has set the continuation of its Dawn of the Dance line with the addition of Ghoulia Yelps, Lagoona Blue, and Deuce Gorgon this line has yet to be released.

Dawn of the Dance 2nd Generation

Lagoona Blue Dawn of the Dance

Ghoulia Yelps Dawn of the Dance

Deuce Gorgon Dawn of the Dance

Next is the School's Out assortment that has Frankie Stein, Clawdeen Wolf, and Cleo De Nile sporting their summer attire. Cleo De Nile has a green/blue tank top with black skirt and black leggings with yellow/black leggings on top with a yellow scarf belt tied around her waist, with blue high heels. Frankie Stein is all in blue with her black/grey leggings and blue skirt with blue vest jackie and grey high heels. Clawdeen's attire is purple/black shoes with purple leggings with a yellow under blouse and purple/black zebbra top with a blue/green belt tied around her waist. School's out will be released this summer in July-August.

School's Out

Cleo De Nile School's Out

Frankie Stein's School's Out

Clawdeen Wolf's School's Out

Mattel is finally releasing some lines that may just be the next big thing within the world known as Monster High!

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