Funeral Party – Golden Age of Knowhere

Whittier, Californians Chad Elliot, James Torres, and Kimo Kauhola were at a park late one night drinking when they decided to form Funeral Party. They formed the band as a means of escaping a nowhere town set amidst a cultural wasteland. The moroseness evoked by their moniker is undermined by Funeral Party’s debut full-length “Golden Age of Knowhere”. It’s packed with upbeat tempo rhythms aggressive melodies and powerhouse basslines with lyrical context that’s purely captivating.

Elliot’s vocal tactics are used well providing that raw cut throat vocal attics that play well with the group’s sing along fist anthems. For instance “New York City Moves To The Sound of L.A.,” it expresses the energy head on whereas “Carwars”, provides that moment of “awe” as your finding yourself singing along to the beat of the music. But “Finale”, is the real kicker it’s been Funeral Party’s key single that’s been gripping the listeners by their throats. Their source of skill trait is really packing in as to what these guys aim to do and the energy put towards this tempo punk rock music outlet is kicking it right to the tunes that’s provoking them.

Elliot says that “Golden Age of Knowhere”, is comprised of songs that “capture the urgency of youth”. He goes on to add that this reflects the context in which this band has emerged from, saying that “Whittier is pretty much a dead town. It’s boring. That’s one of the biggest reasons we wanted to be in a band, just to get the fuck out of there.” His collaborators see his point of view and what it leads up to. Torress explains that “Everyone in our neighborhood is connected in some way,” going on to add that “You’re trapped. It’s why I learned to play guitar, to tune it all out.” Kauhola elaborates, “We definitely want the music to sound like an escape”.

Sprouting all across Southern California were various bands and the genres to back them up so Funeral Party wanted to declare their home base their dominate space and they have done that just by exposing themselves piece by piece is just the start of where they will end up next. Fans of The Mars Volta, Attack Attack, and I See Stars will surly fall right into the groove of what this party is all about.

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