Stellar Corpses – Welcome to the Nightmare

Since the dawn of time punk, psychobilly, as well as horror punk have seen better days... since the beginning bands like the Sex Pistols and The Misfits have overshadowed some of today's later work in this case Stellar Corpses. A Californian twist on a well balanced mix of psychobilly meets horror punk and then some. It should come as no surprise that a band whose debut EP "Respect the Dead", released in 07 would have had such a roaring success as it had. With a success such as that Stellar Corpses went on to write, record, and later release their first full-length debut "Welcome to the Nightmare”.

The instrumental title track is really what makes this album tick that track alone is what gets this album pumping being followed by a numerous amount of sing-along anthems; “My Shadow.” “Cemetery Man,””One More Day” and “When You Don’t See Me” that keeps the music bouncy and persistent. If that wasn't enough the album is perfectly complemented by some creepier stakes at hand, "Teenage Witchcraft", and "So Long Goodbye”. But the standout track has to be "Hate Bopp”, which features samples of a spooky news-cast entailing the deaths of 39 members of the Heaven's Gate occult.

Now if that doesn't send chills running up and down your back side then perhaps the lyrical context will do the trick, with lyrics such as "Come on baby don't hesitate/We're knock, knock, knockin' on Heaven's Gate/There's something better on the other side/But the only way is mass suicide", these lyrics are destined to become a psychobilly enthusiasts nightmare come true.

"Welcome to the Nightmare", exceeds expectations by far by allowing Stellar Corpses to be embedded by their own creations giving that axiomatic thirst for wanting to rock out long into the night.

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