Murderdolls Are Back from the Dead!

Well, well, well….look who’s finally back in business….the Murderdolls! Yes you heard right after a 6 year hiatus the grudgey but dirty duty death rock n’ rollers are back in full chaotic force! Showcasing not just one (Glass House, Pomona, CA) but two (Key Club, Hollywood, CA) special intimate shows showing those who have patiently waited what they still got. This night unlike the previous one was held down at the Key Club of Hollywood whose recently revamped residue had the honor in welcoming back the Murderdolls along with some other rockstars who just couldn’t wait to show their stuff.

Starting off the night was a bunch of local comers known as Living Dead Lights whose former front man Taka of Bomb Child had taken full control of this brand new project taking matters into his own hands as he liked to do… taking what once was (Bomb Child) era and constructing it into a whole another format known today as Living Dead Lights. With this said, Living Dead Lights had begun their set in a hard rock n’ roll manner but had to share their spot light with Los Angele’s very own basketball team the Los Angeles Lakers. Their basket ball game being on the verge of victory in terms of championship matter in which they walked away victorious. But enough of that, Living Dead Light’s brought out some hard hitting material that kept the energy high and heavy throughout their set-up never wanting to quit and never intending to miss a beat because the Living Dead Lights can always bring out the heat.


Afterwards another round of local go getters had embraced the stage with its eerie demise, Vampires Everywhere! had given it their best shot in terms of performance structure showing off their skill tactics as best as possible. The crowd who stood watch were indeed impressed with what was being offered going off in a manner of screams and shouts here and there while others just stood and glared in “aw-amazement”. Front man Michael screamed at the top of his lungs through most of the songs sung including their current one hit wonder “Immortal Love”.


When it was all over with the local demons of the night strolled off the stage leaving it clear as day for the Murderdolls to entangle its audience – as the clock struck 11 fans shouted waiting and waiting for what seemed like hours as the lights stood deem just eagerly awaiting the crowd’s anticipation. But although it may have taken forever to arrive the Murderdolls had erupted the stage in an hour long set that comprised of the old meets the new, which included such songs as "Love at First Fright", "She Was a Teenage Zombie", "Die My Bride", "197666", "People Hate Me", and "Dead in Hollywood", while the band also broke out into just a handful of what is to become off their upcoming follow-up to 2002's "Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls", entitled "Women and Children Last", due out later this summer. The songs sung off that album included "Chapel Of Blood", "My Dark Place Alone", and "Summertime Suicide" just to name a few.


Overall it was a night of fright, a night of glee, a night of terror that will be forever be.

Set List:

1. World According Intro
2. Chapel Of Blood
3. Slit My Wrist
4. Twist My Sister
5. My Dark Place Alone
6. Summertime Suicide
7. Love At First Fright
8. Die My Bride
9. People Hate Me
10. Complications
11. Death Valley
12. Welcome to the Strange
13. Motherfucker I Don't Care
14. 197666
15. Dawn of the Dead
16. Hybrid
17. Dead in Hollywood
18. I Love To Say Fuck

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