The Black Veil Brides Army Has Risen, Have You Signed Up Yet?

Over the course of time there have been several armies from World War I & II to the Civil War, Cold War, so many various types. But those weren't the only types there are even wars within other topics you probably wouldn't even think of. Like music for instance there has been a variety of acts that have their own type of recruits working for them, getting their name out into the open letting everyone know who they are. Well these so-called music wars began with the legendary army of heavy rock n' rollers KISS. Well now a new era has embedded itself among out mists the era of the Black Veil Brides….

Who have welcomed in people by the masses into their own army taking in all the unwelcomed outcasts just wanting to be accepted for who they are not for who they’re not. Bassist Ashley Purdy reached out to me to discuss this summer’s most anticipated album “We Stitch These Wounds” released by Standby Records. If that’s not enough the band is currently on their second headlining run being a part of Hot Topic’s The Scared Ceremony Tour alongside Vampires Everywhere!, Modern Day Escape, and Get Scared, there is no telling as to where this will all end up next.

1. How did Black Veil Brides originate?

Ashley: Well, Andy 6 the Vocalist started the band in Ohio a few years ago and penned the band name Black Veil Brides. There were various member changes in trying to find the ideal players that fit the concept and vision of the band. It wasn’t until Andy moved to Los Angeles and met myself that we then began to shape that vision and then find the rest of the members that are currently in the band. Black Veil Brides became a natural progression visually and musically to come into full fruition that it is now.

2. Can you tell our readers a little history behind the name of the band?

Ashley: Black Veil Brides is a Roman Catholic term used for when a woman marries into the church and gives up all the pleasures of life to devote her life to God. She is then deemed a Black Veil Bride. Sorta’ similar to a Rock band where you have to give up many things in pursuit of what your passionate about or believe in. It also has the dichotomy of the positive and negative. The happiest time in one’s life, could be getting married. And the opposite of that in one’s life would be at a funeral of a loved one. It all tends to fit really well for a dark and heavy rock band.

3. It is good and catchy. It does stick in your head. What would you say is the main message behind your music?

Ashley: We carry a message of believing in yourself and letting no one tell you otherwise. We stand up for the underdog and the disenfranchised. Anything strange, odd, or unique… we embrace that. So basically standing up for yourself; have fun and live your life how you choose. You only have one life, make the most of it.

4. When going into the studio how many songs did the band have written and how did you decide which songs would make it onto “We Stitch These Wounds”?

Ashley: I couldn’t put any number figure on it. But like any band or process we started writing and a lot of the initial writing either got scrapped or re-written. Some made the album and some didn’t. Through our progression we shaped an album that is consistent and is a seamless story from beginning to end. I wouldn’t call it a “concept” album per say, but it is a very cohesive album.

5. Can you explain the meaning behind the new album’s title, “We Stitch These Wounds”?

Ashley: Again, the message is one of hope and over-coming adversity. We all have a past or a scar, but we learn and grow from it. It makes us who we are, so we cherish that. Have fun, live life with no regret… life’s short and is about learning. Learn from the things you don’t like in life and make one that is enjoyable to you.

6. Do you have a personal favorite track off the new album?

Ashley: Perfect Weapon stood out to me right away in the writing process. It’s probably the most straight ahead grooving rock melody with the Bass and Drums just pumpin’ on it!

7. With so many people downloading music instead of buying it do you think this is the beginning of the end of the CD?

Ashley: Yes and No. Yes in the sense that if you have a crappy product and music with only filler, people will just download the one or two songs. But if you put together a solid album, people will buy it and want to have it. It’s pretty simple. I know that we take this notion into consideration and we try to make every song a single, so that you will want to purchase them all individually or as an album. However, we do come from the school of music where we loved having something tangible to hold and look at while listening to the record, so I can guarantee you, every Black Veil Brides Album will have killer artwork, hidden treasures and extra inserts in the Album that you can only buy at stores. It gives you more of an incentive to purchase the album. But it also gives our loyal fans something more they deserve for their money.

8. Are you surprised at the success Black Veil Brides has achieved so far?

Ashley: Not really over all. It’s come a little quicker than anticipated. We are a little enamored everyday when we achieve something new before our debut album even comes out. But generally speaking for myself and Andy; We always knew we were Rockstars, we always believed we were going to be ones, it’s what we always wanted to be as kids and basically embodied the “fake it, till’ you make it” motto. So everything we each did on a daily basis was in ways of creating a larger than life Rock band like that of KISS and Crue that hasn’t existed in decades. We’ve learned from our predecessors in what to do and what not to do, so far so good in ways of us putting out a product for a large audience that enjoys what we’re doing. We are also grateful for that.

9. Where do you see Black Veil Brides 5 years from now?

Ashley: Wow, that’s a big time frame. But Sky’s the limit! Right now, we’re already doin’ so much before our record drops, that even in the next year I see us growing out of the large club circuit into Arena venues. But in 5 years, definitely in Stadiums and we’ll most likely be on at least our 5th record and on top of the world if things keep progressing as they are with the help of our loyal Bridesmaids..!!

10. What does the band do with their down time when they are out on tour?

Ashley: We each are constantly working on Black Veil Brides on a daily basis on every aspect. From writing, conceptualizing, image, staging, booking, art, merchandising, etc., basically working on all the business of BVB to up the ante’ and try to bring you bigger and better music and a live show than the previous one. We’re always thinking and working ahead to outdo ourselves of where we’re currently at.

11. What is the best way for a diehard Black Veil Brides fan to get their CD signed by their favorite band member?

Ashley: Just come out to a show. We love our fans and take the time to meet and greet every single one of them. We’ll stay for hours after our set and sign autographs and take pictures. Without our fans we wouldn’t have a CD to sign.

12. What do you think of the other bands playing on The Sacred Ceremony Tour?

Ashley: They’ll all good guys. For a couple of the bands on the package, this was their rookie experience for touring so they got to learn the ins and outs of touring and being on the road. Glad we got to be the ones to pop their cherry and make their touring experience an enjoyable one! ;)

13. Do you have anything left to say to your fans?

Ashley: We Love YOU..!! BVB Army Forever...

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