Our Youth Is There Youth: Living Dead Lights Rebellious Struggle

What do you do when you feel the way you do? What do you do? Why not break down and let yourself hang loose while listening to the latest in the rock n' roll industry from Hollywood's very own Living Dead Lights! When it comes down to the source of the music, Living Dead Lights have faced those timeless struggles with endless challenges of the modern day life each song sung out capturing the essence and pure imagination of what makes our youthful nation so powerful and so pure. The Living Dead Lights have demonstrated a rebellious attitude that combines all of the sex, drugs, and rock n' roll influence that could ever want from an in your face project with a compelling addiction that keeps the goodness of what rock n' roll is truly all about.

1. Moving on, why don't you tell me about your self-titled EP.? Does it have a particular concept or theme to it?

Alan: The concept is just life, about all of the life experiences that we’ve gone through or some of the things people close to us have gone through. There is a lot of respect for people trying to get through certain situations in everyday life.

2. How about the lyrics what theme revolves within writing those?

Taka: Hard question….

Alan: It depends it’s all about life and people that have been close to us dealing with problems like drugs, encouraging our youth to rise above life’s problems.
Taka: We play hard music but the message is very positive. I’m tired of hearing people talking about whiny shit.

3. Speaking of writing is the band writing any new material?

Taka: Yes we are we are currently in the studio writing new stuff not sure when it’s going to be done but should be done sooner or later.

Alan: It’s a bit darker and heavier.

4. Can we expect to see that material on the full-length whenever that happens?

Taka: Most likely ya know at this point we’re just recording a bunch of new material and see what happens. But all the stuff that we have been writing is all good shit so I don’t see why not.

5. What about 2010 what is in store for Living Dead Lights?

Taka: Well we have a 5-song EP coming out July 13 through Hot Topic with a bonus track on it.

Alan: It’s a surprise for everybody it’s what you should expect to hear from the upcoming full-length.

6. Would you like to add any last words?

Taka: I LOVE YOU MOM! Buy our shit and make us rich thank you!

Alan: Laughs.

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