Ashers - Kill Your Master

Fronted by a punk legend is one thing but to keep the music still sounding solid and heavy even while being in a whole another project? That’s exactly what frontman Mark Civitarese (The Unseen) has done. Ashers aims to pick up the pieces that The Unseen had just laying around except this sense of aggression is provided in a whole new method of domination in terms that is "Kill Your Master" the debut full-length that combines the elements of hardcore, punk, rock, and metal to create this unique but upbeat sound that cries out aggressive music. This also being their first release since their debut EP, "Cold Dark Place" had made its mark in 2008.

Civitarese states “I’m pumped on this album,” also adding that “We recorded it at The Outpost, the same place where many great bands recorded: Blood for Blood, Dropkick Murphys, Slapshot – along with mine and Billy’s other bands – The Unseen and Crash and Burn. The album sounds killer but is not overproduced – we wanted it to be very raw.” With that said artwork comes courtesy of Amy Toxic and the layout design was done by Justin Brooks.

"Raw" is the term to describe this album because that is exactly what you receive when it comes to such songs as "Blood and Grain", "Killing Time", and the title track which demonstrates what makes Ashers so intense and so aggressive in their style and ability. The guitar work used throughout the album is crisp clear keeping this rush of rhythm flowing right along through riding atop the lyrics so to speak which provide a very powerful and raw sense of aggression that just makes the music pop and bounce.

For fans of The Unseen, Cheap Sex, and The Casualties fans will be pumping fists long into the New Year.

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