SACRIFICAL SLAUGHTER Your Death Thrash Attitude Adjustment

With a name like SACRIFICAL SLAUGHTER you would never think that a band whose formation began just nine years ago would still exist today. But that is what the likes of metal music can do to you. Once it’s entangled itself deep inside of you there is no way of dislodging it. Except perhaps with the way of the Lord…..but when that name is spoken within the ears of SACRIFICAL SLAUGHTER they find it inhuman, their term of it would be “anti-Christianity”.

But of course not forgetting the blood and gory concepts how could a style of music especially metal not live without talking about blood and gore it would be pointless if not included. If that’s not enough, SACRIFICAL SLAUGHTER has unleashed one but two, “The Rebirth” (2002) and latest addition “Spontaneous Suicide” which was released just last year what more could you want? Perhaps some musicians to back it all up…. This as of right now consists of - Aaron T. Whitesides (guitar), James Pavey (guitar), Bryan Roth (drums), and Steve Worley (vocals). If that’s not enough for you then maybe an intense live showcase of this unstoppable or what frontman Steve Worley considers “Death Thrash” will put you into you place. Speaking of whom, spoke to me via email about what SACRIFICAL SLAUGHTER means to him.

1. How did the band form?

Steve: I started the band almost ten years ago back before High School. I was introduced to heavy metal at an early age and I knew right away that this is what I wanted to do.

2. How would you describe your sound?

Steve: I describe our sound as "Death Thrash." We utilize the best concepts of old school death metal and blend it with the fierce, aggressive and in your face attitude of Thrash Metal. In my own opinion I would give you the most fun and most extreme form of music available on this planet.

3. The vocals are very distinctive, and not the normal thrash/death metal style with the processing. How did the idea to use that style come about?

Steve: Well, the vocals are a perfect example of what I mentioned in the last question. In the early days of the band I only did death metal vocals. It was probably because of inexperience or whatever. But that was all I could do. As time went on we all progressed as musicians. After keeping it together for ten years, recording albums and learning from our mistakes, I can finally say that the music is where I want it to be. The vocals are a perfect bridge between Death Metal and Thrash Metal, I’m comfortable singing them, I love the way it sounds and we can’t wait to unleash the next album on the entire world!

4. How did you come to sign with Crash Music?

Steve: After some lineup changes in 2007, we recorded a 3 song demo to feature new songs with the new lineup. I sent that demo to every label you could think of and Crash was one of the ones who responded. They liked what we were doing and wanted to work out a contract right away. Of course they wanted 10 songs as soon as possible and we only had 3 recorded! So in between tours and working, we hit the studio hard.

5. Why don't you give me a summary as to how "Spontaneous Suicide" came to be?

Steve: At the very same time that we were working on a contract with Crash, we were on a West Coast tour with Anal Blast. So this is where the story gets crazy....Our last show on the tour was in Sacramento CA, and we decided to have a big party back at our hotel room. So I made an announcement to the crowd while we were on stage to come party. I wasn't expecting so many people to actually come. But we had at least 50 people in this tiny hotel room. It was rowdy! I remember seeing this dude hanging out and I remember seeing him at the show. So everyone is having a good time and all of a sudden this dude is gone. Of course nobody noticed because we don’t pay attention to dudes. But this guy’s girlfriend went looking for him and she found him alright!

He was hanging from a fucking dumpster in the parking lot of the hotel. I shit you not. I don’t know if someone was fucking his girlfriend or what the hell his problem was. But this random dude seriously committed suicide at our party. It was weird. We called the cops and they came, cut him down and took him away like it was no big deal. It happens like every day. So yea, Spontaneous Suicide! Ha-ha.

6. Tell me what does SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER mean to you?

Steve: Sacrificial Slaughter is everything to me. This band is a way of life. This shit is full time. Whether it’s touring, writing, recording, or doing this interview, everything is for this band. We live for this shit.

7. What do you guys have planned for the future?

Steve: We are just going to keep doing what we are doing. Working hard, staying busy, kicking ass and taking names. You can see us on tour this June in North America with Pestilence, Warbringer, Vital Remains and Enfold Darkness and our new album is coming together very nicely right now as well. So everyone can expect a release date later this year for that!

8. How about the songs what specific themes do they cover?

Steve: We only have one rule when it comes to picking a theme for lyrics in this band. It has to be real. I feel that our music expresses itself the best when we write about things that really happen to us. When you see us on stage and we're all pissed off and I’m singing about going to jail or kicking someone’s ass or drinking booze, you know it’s real and people relate to that. I didn’t want to be just another generic metal band singing about murder, hate, and death, whatever. So this has been the best way for us to separate ourselves from all that.

9. Is SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER in writing mode for your follow-up to "Spontaneous Suicide"?

Steve: Full blown writing mode. We already started tracking some of the new material and I can tell you that it already kicks Spontaneous in the ass. I’m proud of what we accomplished with Spontaneous Suicide but the material we are working on right now takes it to another level. It’s going to be unlike anything we have done before and we are really excited to see what everybody thinks.

10. What’s the first thing you do when the band arrives in a new town while on tour?

Steve: The first thing we do would definitely be finding a toilet. After a long bus or van ride, everyone needs to shit. Then of course we'll find the food and the beer. If the food sucks then maybe I’ll walk around town and find something else. But other than that it’s pretty much all business. I'll figure out where I’m going to set up merch that night and get to work.

11. Have you ever had an audience member give you the willies because they kept looking at you all weird?

Steve: We have done 2 full tours of Europe the past couple years and we have had a lot of people creep us out maybe even once a night. People come up to you when you get off stage and they want to touch you and kiss you, which is a sign of respect in some cultures. So I try to explain to them that in my culture that kind of shit gets your ass beat. But then we have a language barrier so they keep getting way to close to you and the whole thing kind of gives me the willies.

12. When it comes to your merchandise what would you say is the "best seller".

Steve: Well everything sells eventually. But I guess if you want a number, I would have to say that the "Spontaneous Suicide" CD has sold the most units so far. But our shirts sell really well too. The cd is cheaper though. Maybe that’s why.
13. If you had your life to live over again, what one thing would you change?
Steve: Nothing.

14. Who was the one that came up with the logo design for SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER?

Steve: I had several ideas on how I wanted the bands logo to look. I wanted something brutal but legible. Just like our music, I didn’t want it to be so crazy brutal that you couldn’t understand it. So I had a logo created that represented us well. Its metal as fuck but it’s not so over the top that it becomes a joke. Thanks to Lou Rusconi for drawing it!

15. Anything else you'd like to mention or promote?

Steve: Hope to see you all soon!

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