Black Veil Brides – We Stitch These Wounds

Out-cast: a person who is rejected or cast out, as from home or society, the dictionary explains. Having taken this into consideration we have possibly experience somebody either close to us or a friend of a friend that has been placed within this predicament. In any case these so-called outcasts can find an easily solution it’s called music.

Though music has been here since the dawn of time there has been one place in particular that has seen it all.... Los Angeles, California. This one famous hot spot has homed some of today's rockiest acts around, Kiss, and Motley Crue, and now welcomes up-and-comers the Black Veil Brides to its roster. After formation just three years ago relaying on their message of truth “Be yourself, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise,” expressing lyrics of hope, strength, accompanied with passionate hook-laden instruments, that would become their most successful single/video to date, “Knifes and Pens”, in which has received over 9.5 million viewings since its debut on YouTube in 2009.

This was of course just the beginning but with such success as it were, having short but brief tours in between one being a headlining tour while the other comprised of them being a part as the mid-center openers kept the crowds wanting more. So more is just what they got the band promptly entered the studio with their manager-turned-producer, Blasko, to begin recording "We Stitch These Wounds".

Now the introduction has this embedded voice which foretells the listener that "This record is for the outcasts following our story of love, life, and never giving in, we are the Black Veil Brides." As soon as this intro ends the title track begins with this stirring yet sinister guitar riff that builds up immediately permitting this gut-wrenching outcry from frontman Andy Six trialing off to a series of guitar riffing solos with double back bass drum attics that keeps the music hard but heavy. Percussionist Sandra takes complete control on “Beautiful Remains", having a non-stop thunderous beat that echoes against the rupturing chorus of “Woah-ohhhs” portrayed in between.

Since the release of their 2009 hit "Knives and Pens," the band has since released the follow-up single/video "Perfect Weapon"; allowing Andy Six to yet again do what he does best wrench his lungs to the extreme by screaming until his heart’s content. This of course has the songs doing numerous guitar riffs with interesting solo techniques that allow the music to build over and over again. Now while their first single “Knives and Pens”, has been an eyesore for the masses the band went and re-did the single and this version doesn’t compare to its original counterpart. This updated version has some added differences thrown into the mix such as Andy Six's vocal chords sounding a lot more clear having the extra added vocal screams to make the music pop just a bit.

"The Mortician's Daughter", places the Black Veil Brides at a standing point because of all the heaviness that was presented previously this song turns the volume all the way down with this acoustic tune being very forwarded having a string of violinists in on this out of tone tune. “Sweet Blasphemy", is a somewhat acoustic shredder being the first of two ballads offered. ”Carolyn", rounds off the album it becoming the second ballad of the two, this one being the foreshadowing of what is to become.

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