D'espairsRay – Monsters

Ever since their formation on 9-9-1999 Japanese industrialists/modern day rock n' rollers D'espairsRay (ディスパーズレイ Disupāzurei, or typeset as DéspairsRay or +DéspairsRay+) has spent the past 11 years being lead by its founding members HIZUMI, Karyu, ZERO and TSUKASA. Over the course of their musical career D'espairsRay has since released several singles, EPs, as well as released three full-length albums along the way including a fourth album due out this summer entitled “Monsters”. But besides the music being their main accord, the band has also toured across Europe as well as toured over the North American Terrance. Thus included such stops as the 2006 Wacken Open Air Festival, as well as the JRock Revolution held in 2007 and also embarking across the 2008 Taste of Chaos Tour which would later be turned into the Uproar Festival in 2010.

As far as D'espairsRay is concerned, "Monsters" was produced by Toshiyuki Kishi (Abingdon Boys School) that includes their 10th anniversary single "Final Call", and latest singles "Love Is Dead", and "Death Point". While the album only includes 10 tracks altogether it rounds off to being a piece of heavy duty material that remains to the classic D'espairsRay formula. For instance opener "Human-Clad Monster” has this dark but fierce industrial beat of bouncy guitar riffs that keeps the music energetic but vicious throughout. Whereas “Death Point", displays a more tenser guitar riff with powerful blasting beats and soaring chorus lines that really captivates "Monsters" ability.

"Final Call” and "Love Is Dead" pretty much stay to the same formula previously discussed these songs remain heavy and energetic keeping the vocals and instrumentals constantly flowing never wanting to stop. As far as D'espairsRay goes their style remains to their method and will by far never fade away.

For the fans of Dir En Grey meets MCC fans will surly fall head first after listening in to what D'espairsRay has been up to as of lately. Also fans can look forward to capturing D'espairsRay up close and personal on the Human-clad Monsters World Tour currently doing its run across the world’s surface.

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