1476 - A Wolf’s Age

Since the dawn of time the underground music scene has seen its terms as far as rock and punk music goes with the likes of the Sex Pistols, The Rolling Stones, and The Beatles it doesn’t take much to understand the concept behind what makes 1476 so unique. After countless hours and time spent in the recording studio 1476's debut album "A Wolf's Age", was released this past February of this year and from then on there was absolutely no telling as to where this would end up or what would become of them.

Except this, "Anno Domini", opens up the album and delivers this catchy yet upbeat rhythm of punk rock that goes down the lines of sounding a lot like The Misfits meets The Clash. Having the music take its course it erupts into a slow fashionable beat with "Herne's Oak", which tones down the music quite a bit having the vocal chords balance a top the verse that slowly entangles itself within the beat of the music.

While this album is indeed a mix-up of slow and heavy from time to time the two end up crossing paths on "Swallow The Sun", combining the two pieces and creating a piece of art that rumbles the music to its core. So "A Wolf's Age" does take its toll every now and then offering a variety of options like take "Der Vampyr", this toned down goth rock anthem adds some very different vocal tactics having a clean but steady beat of goth rock meets acoustic punk.

With all of this said as it is, 1476 has a variety of styles to offer it's listeners and this band surly has the ability to go in any direction they wish to choose because their skills are quite capable of handling any type of style given to them.

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