Fallen Figure’s Forsaken Revival

As most bands tend to do they all deal and have to face in one time or another if not several times deal with line-up changes, label switch offs, the basic drama of what it’s like to be a musician. It’s not always fun and games and this game could not be better played than by Fallen Figure. An act that has infused their portrayal of death metal is and enforced such an amount of energy it’s uncanny of where all of this intensity will all lead up. One thing is for certain it did all lead up to one source, known as “Devival”.

This one forsaken resource of material that has banished all its meaning from the ground up has been revived to unleash such terror and hatred upon us there is no telling as to where it will all end up in the future. Fallen Figure took the time to talk to me after their set about the past, present, and future outcome of what is to become.

1. From what I heard off your MySpace I’m really digging the tunes.

Thank you so much!

2. How long did it take you to write/record the new record?

The record was recorded in 2008 we were waiting on releasing it but it took about 6-7 months to write and we were in the studio for about 10 days with Zac Oren, up in Oakland but in the long run it turned out great and it was a lot of fun to make.

3. Who does what when it comes down to the writing process?

Jonathan and I would create some riffs and then patch it out with our drummer and then flush it all out and then write out the lyrics and try to master it as best as we could before entering the studio. Surprisingly enough we didn’t practice any of it so we just went in and got through it all and it turned out great. Nick and Carlos had joined the band way later but when it’s all said and done the rest is history.

4. Are there any musical influences that contributed to the music of making this album?

Hmmmm at the time we were probably listening to The Fallen, The Faceless, Beneath the Massacre, just anything that was metal and very straight forward.

5. Tell me about the album what does Devival mean?

You said the name right, pretty much it’s a word we made-up it’s basically the opposite of revival and the rebirth of evil. We made up this character and his name is “The Keeper” he was born in the womb of the earth from all of humanity and all of that cruelty that is hidden inside of us. The Keeper is our path to that reality. When it comes to the album itself we were just sitting on it for the longest time and even changed the album title at one time but then switched it back and it has a darker vibe to it that we all really liked.

6. Have you guys filmed any videos for the album?

We actually have one video that we filmed in 2008 we had different members we all looked totally different. “Wake Up” was filmed by a Los Angeles Film School student and then another video we had filmed was a live video and Josh Bordon another college student had just blown our minds. We were really surprised and it turned out amazing.

7. How have the handful of shows that you’ve played been going?

It’s just been totally amazing all around. The vibe we get from each other is awesome and all the fans that come out and stick it out till the very end to see us play because sometimes we’re the headliners at some shows and we don’t think we’re really a headlining type of band not yet. But that just feels awesome we respect our fans without them we wouldn’t be here. We have some new material that we’re stoked about and we’re going to have way more shows that we’re just working on and just plan on getting better and better.

8. Do you have any crazy tour stories you’d like to share?

Our bass player likes to walk around in his boxers. Two tours ago we got busted at the border of Arizona and we had a bunch of weed on us in the car and the dogs were just tearing our van apart and it took them so long to find it that the dogs just went nuts. That was an epic tale.

There’s another tour which was our first tour and we had a van fight with Upon a Burning Body so somehow we were having band wars and they got us really good. We had gotten some tuna and seafood and had gotten all of it and threw it all onto their van. But they had gotten us back and trashed our van because they had snuck inside and put anchovies in our van so it smelled awful. We got a lot of stories that need to be told.

9. What songs do you get the best audience respond to and which ones do you like to play the most?

We all have different feelings and opinions to various songs. We like to play “Sactum” a lot because the crowd is interacts instantly by headbanging just the energy from it is amazing. “Origins of Decay” is another one they’re all pretty good songs really.

10. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Our album is available on iTunes, Amazon, Reverbnation, you can also check us out on lastfm. Basically everything about us as of now is all “NEW”, new members, new material, and new merchandise that you can get your hands on, on our next touring route happening very soon so keep a look-out for us because we’re going to be coming for you. Also we just want to say thanks to all of our fans and that we love you all very much, everything that you do for us keeps us going so keep coming out to our shows and we’ll be seeing you all very soon.

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