Buckcherry - All Night Long

Buckcherry have done it again MUSICALLY that is...with the release of their fifth album in just over fifteen years entitled "All Night Long". By building up a solid ground of material Buckcherry have managed to successfully return to their past creations "15" and self-titled release that were released a while back. "All Night Long", has the band at its best, talking about nothing but sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll.

The album begins with the title track that pretty much returns to the past era that once was "15", it’s nothing but an old fashion groovy in-depth reality check. Whereas "It's a Party", becomes a block party sensation that keeps the music rolling right along, "These Things", tones it down just a tad keeping the music at a steady beat thanks to guitarist Keith Nelson. Now as for front man Josh Todd he makes what Buckcherry is and always will be, with the respect of course to the rest of the band, Josh's abilities is what has built the band from the ground up and he's easily capable of covering just about any given style of song attics known to mankind.

With this said, some captivating tunes includes "Liberty", "Our World", and "Bliss". Now if you're not an everyday type of rocker then perhaps you prefer the softer material such as the ballads that are offered as a special bonus disc only available through Best Buy I'm afraid. But in the long run Buckcherry manages to still bring it all home when it's all said and done.

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